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my documentation of the Palmer raid and article has disappeared from WordPress

fuck you FBI international, CIA and the gendarmerie européenne who is going to try and build their image with set ups on dissidents and anti satanistes as they are the nwo guards and implemetors. Your framing me is showing. They are using Slovénians right now trying to create the image my friend is trafficking and I’m a cult hidden ring leader. Having put nxivm, gotten Petraeus and Timothy Defoggi taken down amont others gets you classified as a national security threat while they build a Fake counter investigation to blame you, Guess who is behind it? Military, governments and agencies. Fuck you.

the Palmer raids live with World news report today, january 2022

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Once upon a mom turned me too victim turned whistle-blower.. Here is where I will put my thoughts. What do investigators do when they get a case? They look for conspiracies. Just. Saying. Thinking is priceless.

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