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Claire Felicite

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A place where critical thinking and truth matter. I’m a me too victim aka gangstalked targeted individual. While I tried to get law enforcement to do its mandated sworn oath to protect me and others I learned a hard lesson. A title is only a title.

This led me to contacting anonymous, after being forced to go for a civil lawsuit due to lack of follow up and investigations. After my Avenue of the Stars LA lawyer was hired, I was tired. Depressed. I missed my kids who where at home on the East coast while I was in LA fielding threats on them and me.

So, I decided to contact anonymous. It was end of July 2012. 6 months after I began to take someone to a payphone for breaking into my home. I missed my kids.

I gave anonymous members my info. At first they were like is she a nut job? *then they were like, well what if she’s not? Then they were like why not lets do it for the lulz. Then the unthinkable by any of us happened. Prism found. Backdoors. Backtracking with my passwords given and no hack.

Think about that, it’s 2012 there’s an election in the process and the Epstein Wexner crowd was found.

Occupy was still active there was project PM with Barrett Brown and Micheal Hastings, Aaron Swartz, Barnaby Jack among others had been impacting things and all of a sudden anonymous legally found illegal government activity. Prism. Trapwire. Even backtraced into the perps devices.

What they found in part was To catch and kill networks like Ronan Farrow mentioned years later in his famous women harassed me-too coverage. I wasn’t famous. So I didn’t count. Except as an enemy of the state. They also found Satanists. The real kind. Go figure.

Here I am almost a decade later. My whistle-blower account recently suspended from Twitter so I decided not to return to twatter to recreate anything. Welcome to a place for critical thinking, where we can explore our world while being fully conscious and connect the dots. Then react and wake up screaming what the… That rabbit hole runs deep but it’s depths can be reached.. .

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