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Nashville terror wasn’t at att building

It was at 166 2nd Ave north, next to 222 2nd Ave next to 333 commerce ave/ 333 N 3rd Ave which is the batman building. The 222 location is leased in 2017 by premier parking with Ragland Corp. The location where the RV parked is the restaurant the Melting Pot. I was a bit surprised since I used to go to the one out in Germantown Cordova area with family, I lived right by it. Even worked by it at one point. . Looked at pics and yeah, it’s that street where the Nashville location is. Restaurants. Not the AT & T building. The Bell South building is across from 166 2nd Ave north.,+166+2nd+Ave+N+Ste+A,+Nashville,+TN+37201,+États-Unis/@36.1636463,-86.7767035,19z/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x8864665a3c579bad:0x5171dfed989ae056

The msm and fbi have not mentioned the at&t damage. How could it affect the 911 services even in in that building yet it wasn’t? Carbyne Wexner Mubarak mega group smell is lurking.. There is proof they have backdoors in that program bought by law enforcement . Why did it go down? It shouldn’t have based on data being gathered.

Body cam footage of police

It’s CIA spy grade surveillance quality. Had there been some improvement in police body cams and this was the premiere of it?

What of Petulia Clarke playing downtown and people hearing it? Her video has Manhattan in background. September 11th signature? Same people?

Update January 4th 2021

So. If this makes any sense to you I own land in Utah with beachfront property.

Over a week later. A form of manifesto and aliens with conspiracy theories. Hey NWO. Most people think your scripts are shit. I definitely do. F.

I’m just going to note here what I didn’t before. These freemasonry satanic pigs use code. All day long.

Hooters is in most shots. Boobs. Sex. Food sales. Red bull shows up in a lot of shots « ecarlate » red. The red red reds. Malta. Etc. Food sex sales. Epstein clan. We need. Mega group. C. I. A. Air force. Etc

Roads. Kirby parkway. This is easy for me because I lived next to and worked next to the melting pot in Memphis, Germantown area. The melting pot is what the rv was parked in front of. There a Memphis tie in

Kirby parkway. Kirby Sommers.

Also my old street.

Melting pot is one of my sons families favorite restaurants. We used to go there. They still do. So again like with Nice July 14 where my brother was a victim of the terror, a neighbor of his died and he was there or the Bataan where my dad’s best friends daughter had reservations and canceled a last minute, this is again hitting way too much close to home. My son is in area

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Once upon a mom turned me too victim turned whistle-blower.. Here is where I will put my thoughts. What do investigators do when they get a case? They look for conspiracies. Just. Saying. Thinking is priceless.

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